How to Tell if You Have Been Unfriended On Facebook

How To Tell If You Have Been Unfriended On Facebook - If you wish to know who unfriend you on facebook or who erased you on facebook then there is a great Google chrome extension readily available where you could see that unfriend you as well as who added you and also who just recently followed you. All you should do is download and install the extension and check the details.

How To Tell If You Have Been Unfriended On Facebook

See that deletes/unfriends you on Facebook! That Deleted Me maintains track of your Facebook good friend checklist and alerts you when close friends go missing. We'll tell you if they erased you or shut down. We'll additionally tell you when you make new pals!

Who Deleted Me takes snapshots of your good friends checklist over time. By comparing the previously as well as after checklists, it determines who has actually dropped you like a stone-cold bad guy.

This implies that Who Deleted Me won't be able to get unfriending activity dating prior to its initial scan. So don't go in anticipating a checklist of everybody that's ever before eliminated you.

The solution is readily available as an app for iPhone or Android, or if using a computer, an extension for Chrome or Firefox. Set up at your very own danger.

How you can Utilize that unfriended me app

1. Go to this Chrome Expansion Link or

2. Download and install the extension after that click on Icon it will go to and afterwards Get in touch with Facebook.

3. Your good friend checklist is saved the very first time you use That Deleted Me Expansion.

4. When you return, your current close friend checklist is compared to the conserved version.

5. Which indicates it reveals you who unfriend you or who deleted you.