How to Sync Facebook Contacts with android

How To Sync Facebook Contacts With Android: Since your Android phone is your interaction hub, your calls checklist is necessary, and also luckily, Android allows all sorts of calls to be integrated as well as synced with your phone.

sync contact facebook android

In this guide, we're simply going to inform you How To Sync Facebook Contacts With Android - which is made use of to be actually truly straightforward till Facebook transformed their API as well as made it essentially difficult to sync get in touch with listings.

How To Sync Facebook Contacts With Android


First of all, if you don't already have the main Facebook app installed on your Android phone, you must download it from the Play Shop and install it.

The application will instantly ask you to sync all your Facebook contacts with your existing phone contacts and in a little bit (photos take some time to download and install) you will start seeing your updated calls. Just download the Facebook app for Android from the link below to do this.

sync contact facebook android


If you already have the Facebook app set up and missed the syncing step, you could still sync your contacts with your Facebook calls from your Android phone's setups menu.

Go to Setups and then try to find Accounts & Sync. If you have actually mounted the main Facebook app, you ought to see it noted under Accounts & Sync along with various other solutions like Google and also Skype etc.

Select Facebook from the Accounts alternatives and tap the Sync Contacts option and then Sync Now.

So basically, you follow these steps: Menu > Setups > Accounts & Sync > Facebook > Sync Contacts > Sync Now.

As soon as done, if you have internet accessibility, your Android phone will certainly download info from your Facebook get in touches with as well as combine it with your existing calls - that's it, you're done.


If you don't have the Sync option in your Accounts & Sync settings you may need to download an application which could sync your Facebook contacts with your Android phone. While there are several apps that can do this, you should try out UberSync (connected listed below).

Nonetheless, Facebook has actually altered the method syncing works, as well as now its only possible to sync calls who likewise use, or utilized this app (or various other syncing apps such as this).

sync contact facebook android

If you're asking yourself, you could generally sync any type of application and also its contacts with your Android phone contacts in the same way. This includes Google, Skype and also WhatsApp calls - which are all synced when you install their main apps or sync them manually from the Accounts & Sync setups.

In case you run into any issues, please don't hesitate to comment below or contact us with your trouble and we'll return to you as soon as possible.