How to Download Facebook Videos Online

How To Download Facebook Videos Online - We've all existed. We see a fantastic video on Facebook as well as want to download it yet cannot seem to figure out just how. We Google the best ways to do it and also all we find are hundreds of plugin and software application choices, some also request for a significant fee!

Well, look no more due to the fact that today we'll show you How To Download Facebook Videos Online without mounting a plugin.

download video on facebook

How To Download Facebook Videos Online

In this example, we made use of a Safari internet browser on a Mac however the steps are basically the same on Windows.

Action 1: Copy and also paste the URL of the Facebook video article. Let's utilize this video as an instance:

Step 2: Replace the "www" with an "m" so the brand-new link should look like this:

Step 3: Click Play

Step 4: While the video clip is playing, appropriate click the video and choose "Download and install Video clip As"

After that you could rename the video clip as well as select where to wait on your computer (Desktop, Downloads folder, etc.).

download video on facebook

And there you go! You have actually effectively downloaded and install the Facebook video! Easy, right?