How to Change Birthday Date In Facebook

How To Change Birthday Date In Facebook: When you register for a Facebook account you are asked to enter info about you including your birthday.

The majority of Facebook customers will probably obtain that right, yet it can happen that you choose the incorrect date either inadvertently or purposefully if you do not want to expose you real age to the social networking site.

This could lead to issues in the past, for example when Facebook requested recognition to show your existence to them, or when you saw that the wrong birthday was connected with your profile.

change birthday on facebook

How To Change Birthday Date In Facebook

Facebook made it a whole lot easier lately when it comes to altering the birthday celebration. Previously, it did not permit you to change the birthday straight making use of the edit account choice offered on the site which indicated you had to ask for a change rather (the old overview is connected to the article).

This is no longer the case luckily, which means that you can transform the birthday celebration on Facebook directly and also right away at any moment, provided you have access to your profile.

change birthday on facebook

Here is what you have to do:

1. Open your Facebook Account page. You can do that by clicking on your name alongside search on top of any kind of Facebook web page.

2. Select "Update Details" on the page. You find the web link in the header location on the right of your name.

3. Switch over to the "Introduction" alternative when the "concerning area" opens on Facebook.

4. There you locate listed your existing birthday celebration. Relocate the mouse arrow over it, as well as select "edit your get in touch with and basic details" link that appears with the left computer mouse switch.

5. Locate "Basic Info" on the page as well as removal the computer mouse arrow over the birth date or birth year. When you do so, an edit choice appears. Click on it.

6. Modification the birth month, year and also day and click the "save adjustments" switch after that.

Congratulations, you have just altered the birthday on Facebook.