Facebook How to Hide Friends

Last year in February I published a short article on "Facebook How to Hide Friends"

Besides those privacy adjustments that Facebook made in 2012 and also now the new Chart Browse, I believe it's time to check Facebook personal privacy settings. It's extremely simple to manage practically everything on Facebook: what others could see on your account, what they could share with you, etc. The access to privacy setups is a lot more straightforward.

Facebook How to Hide Friends


1. go to your Facebook Profile

2. click on buddies tab alongside the "about" area

Hide Friend_95

3. click on edit to be able to chance settings. You will see a pop-up box-- "Who can see your close friends listing on your timeline?".

Hide Friend_95 2

4. choose the choice you want (visibility): Public/Friends/Only Me/Custom (if you want to hide your close friends from others choose "Only Me").

5. making sure that your buddies can't see your Friend's checklist (they could only see your shared pals from your Close friends' list) go to Activity Log and also select Buddies on the right side bar.

Hide Friend_95 3

6. on the top of the page you can see "That can see your close friend listing on your timeline?". Make certain that it is established similarly as you carried out in action # 4 (Public/Friends/Only Me/Custom). Click on the lock and also select one of the alternatives.

Hide Friend_95 4

That's it. Make sure to examine your Facebook privacy setups once in a while.