Facebook Change Age

Facebook Change Age: When you register for a Facebook account you are asked to enter information about you including your birthday celebration.

The majority of Facebook customers will possibly obtain that right, yet it can take place that you choose the incorrect day either mistakenly or intentionally if you do not want to disclose you true age to the social networking site.

This can cause issues in the past, for instance when Facebook asked for recognition to show your presence to them, or when you discovered that the incorrect birthday celebration was related to your account.

change birthday on facebook

Facebook Change Age

Facebook made it a lot much easier recently when it comes to changing the birthday celebration. Previously, it did not permit you to change the birthday directly making use of the edit profile choice offered on the site which meant you had to ask for an adjustment instead (the old guide is attached to the post).

This is not the instance luckily, which indicates that you could transform the birthday on Facebook straight and immediately at any time, offered you have accessibility to your profile.

change birthday on facebook

Right here is exactly what you should do:

1. Open your Facebook Account page. You can do that by clicking your name beside browse at the top of any Facebook web page.

2. Select "Update Info" on the page. You locate the web link in the header location on the right of your name.

3. Switch to the "Introduction" alternative when the "concerning area" opens on Facebook.

4. There you locate listed your existing birthday celebration. Relocate the mouse cursor over it, as well as pick "modify your get in touch with and also fundamental details" link that appears with the left mouse switch.

5. Locate "Standard Info" on the web page and move the computer mouse cursor over the birth day or birth year. When you do so, an edit option becomes available. Click on it.

6. Change the birth month, year and also day as well as click on the "save changes" switch after that.

Congratulations, you have just transformed the birthday on Facebook.