Delete Friends On Facebook

Delete Friends On Facebook: Utilizing the Facebook application on your iPod touch you could remove as well as get rid of any one of your current Facebook close friends. This unfriending process eliminates your capability to view your close friend's Facebook page and eliminates your pal's capacity to view your Facebook web page.

Removing a Facebook good friend is an irreversible process, and you will have to send out a brand-new buddy request that the person will certainly have to accept prior to you can re-establish a Facebook friendship in the future.

Delete Friends On Facebook

Delete Friend

1. Touch the "Facebook" symbol on your iPod touch device.

2. Tap the "Friends" symbol.

3. Select the Facebook friend that you want to delete.

4. Touch the Options icon located in the upper-right corner of the Facebook application. The choices symbol is a best encountering arrow inside of a rectangular shape.

5. Tap the "Unfriend" switch.

6. Tap the "Unfriend" button to verify that you wish to completely erase the chosen Facebook good friend.